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Hi there amazing High Fivers! As the Ambassador of Fun, I to welcome you to High Five To That (HFTT). If you are looking for positive content that will have you high fiving your neighbor, you have come to the right place.  


At HFTT we are all about celebrating awesomeness and having good, clean fun. Join us as we share uplifting stories, adventures and fun bits of knowledge to make your day a little brighter. High five to that!

Episode 13


In today's episode, we talk about tiny homes and a 3D home printing project and other fun topics.  Have wonderful Friday the 13th :D


Episode 12


Hello High Fivers and Happy Thanksgiving!  In today's episode, we cover Wolfenoot, an accidental Thanksgiving text and more.

Episode 11


In today's episode we have special guest Warren, Season & Group Account Executive at the San Diego Seals professional lacrosse team.  Listen in as he explains the beginnings of lacrosse and how San Diego got their very own team (which made it all the way to the Semi-Finals in their very first year of play).  A special thank you to the amazing people at the SD Seals.

Episode 10


Today I talk a little about my adventures in Star Wars Land.  Vlog on my experience coming soon :D

Episode 9


Happy Friday the 13th High Fivers!
Half of the content we recorded yesterday mysteriously disappeared only leaving 13 minutes (crazy, right?!).  So we got back on with new stories to share such as New Coke taste test and more.  Have an awesome day!


Episode 8


Today we cover fun news articles we found, Batman's birthday and more.  Have an awesome day!

Episode 7


Today we have the lovely Nazdira.  She shared her manifestation journey that has led her to both a successful hot sauce business and yoga teaching practice.  Also joining us is her daughter Nahlia, the Adventurer. 

Episode 6


In today's episode we will be talking about different video games we played as a kid, meditation mind aids, musical memes and more.

Episode 5


In today's episode, we talk about nostalgic pastimes such as going to the library and using moonshoes.  We cover a new world record in tree planting and more. Have an awesome day!

Episode 4


Today I share with you my awesome adventures at this year's San Diego Comic Con such as stumbling upon George Takei, Steven Universe Karaoke and more.  Enjoy!

Episode 3


In today's episode we cover a puppy discovered in a box of Cap'n Crunch box who found a great new home, an alligator in a Chicago park, forest bathing and more.  Hope you all have an awesome Friday!

Episode 2


Joining us today is the amazing April and Clark.  Listen in as they talk about comics, cosplay and more. 

Episode 1


Hi there wonderful people!  Welcome to the very first episode to High Five To That, a podcast about sharing positive stories, articles and just anything that'll have you saying "High five to that."  

In today's episode, we talk about a farm where you can pay to hug cows, dog treat taste testing and more.  Hope you all had a safe and amazing Fourth.

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